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INCAE incorporates sustainability in an integral way in its teaching programs with the aim of training conscious leaders who can have an impact in the region.

For students, INCAE's sustainability programs become tools that complement their specialty.

Some of our programs, courses and challenges

Creating Value from Values

Creating Value from Values explores the different ways that companies can develop social and environmental strategies and discusses how these strategies can align with business operations. The course focuses on companies operating in developing countries with high rates of poverty. It is taught through case studies, mainly from Latin American countries and from different industries (banking, manufacturing and services).

Gender, Diversity and Leadership

The purpose of this course is to explore the intersection of gender, leadership, and organizational behavior as it has evolved within the social and economic context of the United States and Latin America in order to:

1) Trace the cultural, psychological and organizational factors that affect women.

2) Outline individual and organizational best practices to promote more women to leadership.

Environmental and Social Trends for Business Strategies

The course "Environmental and Social Trends for Business Strategies" examines the strategic business impact of environmental and social trends and business practices. Explore how environmental and social performance goes hand in hand with business performance in a global economy with rapidly changing expectations and pressures.

Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets: The case of informality

This course is for students who want to learn about incorporating social and environmental issues (also discussed as sustainability) into business strategy to improve competitiveness. The course focus is not on social and environmental issues per se. It is about strategy and how solutions to social and environmental challenges can be incorporated into a business strategy to increase competitiveness in emerging markets.

Study abroad at INCAE

This Sustainability program is designed for foreign students who are interested in learning about global environmental issues and policies and about the methods companies are employing to cope and respond. It lasts two weeks and is taught during the first two weeks of January.

In addition to class sessions, visiting students conduct field trips to experience first-hand what they have studied in class. For example, a visit to the jungle is made on the first weekend of the program.

In 2017, four schools participated in the program: INCAE, Crummer Graduate School of Business - Rollins College, Fuqua Duke University School of Business, and Jones Graduate School of Business Rice University.

For more information, you can contact Alexandra Esquivel, Director International Programs of INCAE to the mail:

Tailor-made programs

We offer tailored programs for groups of at least 20 participants. The duration and content of the program is determined by the visiting school or institution and the Academic Director assigned by INCAE to the program.

It combines class sessions, company visits and cultural activities, planned at least one year in advance. Some of the schools that have come to INCAE in recent years include NYU-Stern, Erasmus University-RSM, and the University of Michigan-Ross; the latter is a three-week program for undergraduate students.

For more information, you can contact Alexandra Esquivel, Director International Programs of INCAE to the mail:

Sustainability Club

The club is made up of master's students and aims to promote sustainability as a new business model that generates an impact not only on the profitability of companies but also on the economic growth and progress of Latin American society.

Because you want more than a certification

Latin America is a region with extensive development challenges, and the private sector must be an engine of change in our societies. During my time at INCAE I not only got closer to these challenges, but to see sustainability in business language as a paradigm to generate change through various value chains. In my current job, I direct multiple projects in which we seek to create shared value between agricultural producers in the region and their buyers. The training received at INCAE has been fundamental to be able to orchestrate sustainability processes with the same formality and competitiveness as other more traditional functional areas in management.

Alejandro Roblero

MBA 2014

Executive Director Sustainable Markets Intelligence Center

INCAE definitely changed my professional career since it opened a world full of opportunities for me within the work that I am passionate about "Sustainability" and it gave me the tools to better understand and support the companies and people with whom I work daily on these issues.

Currently I am a consultant in the area of ​​renewable energy and energy efficiency, I work with engineering companies as well as with banks and investment funds that support green initiatives. The best thing about my job is that I can get involved in sustainable strategy, in the technical area and in financial structuring, giving greater value to what I do.

Juan Manuel Ortega placeholder image

MBA 2012

Consultant in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Area