Our aim

The MCP is a fundamental requirement for obtaining the MBA degree. It deals with an important matter that the management of a company or organization wants to decide or resolve, which is related to the company's strategy or has a significant impact on it. The project begins with a preparatory work from January to February at the Campus, and then develops over nine weeks (March to May) when the team of student-consultants moves and dedicates fully to work in the company or organization.

Benefits for your company

Your organization will have a rigorous analysis of a specific challenge of the company, developed from the conceptual frameworks of INCAE's MBA program, carried out by a group of student-consultants advised by a Leadership Team that includes members of our faculty and executives with vast experience in these fields. The company only covers logistical expenses such as transfers, lodging and travel expenses, as well as direct expenses related to the project.

Profile of Student-Consultants

The consulting teams are made up of highly qualified students from our Master's program. They bring to projects their knowledge of Latin America with a global perspective, their sophisticated analytical skills, and a solid command of competitiveness and sustainability issues.

Corporate Alliance