During the Fair

The INCAE Career Fair aims to offer participating organizations an adequate space to interview, learn about and apply the necessary tests to excellent professionals of various branches and nationalities. The Career Fair is aimed both at sophomores who are within months of graduating from the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Companies or organizations can participate through personal interviews, open forum, application of tests or others. This can eventually lead to the publication of a job offer.

Employer Benefits

The Fair is a high value-added service for the business sector, NGOs and governments, since it allows them to expose about their professional career opportunities, policies, services and products. Through this space they can recruit excellent professionals.

  • Business branding - Becoming an attractive employer for our Incaístas
  • Individual space to interview and connect with our students, so that they can collect all profiles not only for current specific positions but also future positions
  • Connect with young talent from all over LATAM in one place
  • Pre-filter of candidates by specific positions and profiles, recruitment focused on the needs of your company



INCAE Business School is pleased to invite you to the INCAE Career Fair, an event that seeks strengthen the relationship of the Incaista network with the main employers in the Region and accompany you in your search and selection processes. In this event, you can participate in a human talent workshop that will be dictated by our faculty (meet our faculty here), in addition to the space that we have reserved for the job fair, where you can meet, interview and recruit our graduates of INCAE MBA 2020-1, as well as previous generations who are exploring job opportunities. It will be a pleasure to have your participation.

When it's made?

DATE | Wednesday, February 26, 2020

HORA | 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.

PLACE | Walter Kissling Gam Campus, La Garita, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Free activity. Includes a workshop with your certificate of participation. We will offer lunch and coffee breaks for employers


Contact Us

Contact us at career.services@incae.edu or by phone +506 2437 2340.


To participate you only have to complete your information in this form: INSCRIPTION.

Student Profile

They have extensive training in solving cases in areas such as management, finance, entrepreneurship and innovation. This allows them to quickly understand crisis situations, propose and evaluate different alternatives, and provide well-founded solutions.



Fair program

Organizational Talent Workshop (Master Session)

9:00 am - 11:45 am


12:00 md - 1:00 pm

Job Fair

1: 00 pm - 6: 00 pm

Who takes part?


Students of the MBA promotion who complete the Master of Business Administration program in May of that year. From that moment they will be available to face new job challenges.

The students of the subsequent MBA class are looking for internship opportunities for the period May - August and possible internship projects. Management Consulting Project (MCP).


Representatives of different companies interested in attracting highly competitive human talent.

How do you participate?

open forum

It consists of the installation of 3 x 3 meter stands in which the participating companies have the opportunity to market themselves as employers, in addition to promoting their products and services. It is an agile and dynamic way to have a first contact with possible candidates and, in a few minutes, coordinate the following steps: application of tests, interview processes and others.


They can be carried out at any time, depending on the availability of MBA candidates and company representatives. The objective is for the organization to expose about its career opportunities, industry, policies, services, products and any details in a maximum of 60 minutes.


We offer the possibility of coordinating interview processes, either in person, with the candidates of your interest.


Take advantage of your participation in the INCAE 2018 Career Fair to apply tests to potential candidates. It can be the application of closed tests (to a group of students previously selected by the company) or open (for all those interested, prior registration).

Publication of job offers

It consists of publishing the different vacancies both for permanent positions such as internships and MCP projects. To use this tool you only need to complete the Online form. This alternative will allow you to filter candidates for the selection processes prior to their participation.

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