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Why a master's degree from INCAE?

INCAE brings together in its classrooms the largest proportion of professors with doctoral studies, who come from the best universities in the world. They have specialized in teaching through the case method, seeking to develop exceptional analytical skills in the student. This also occurs in a context of multinationality, where the possibility of interacting with students from other latitudes offers the option of not only sharing learning, but also having a whole process of cultural exchange. For these reasons, graduates of INCAE's master's programs represent the best of the region's pool of business leaders.

Student profile

INCAE has a network of more than 12.000 graduates from the different Master's Programs and Senior Management Programs, who lead organizations in Latin America and on other continents. INCAE students are enriched by continuous interaction with colleagues and professors from all over the Latin American region and other regions of the world. Upon graduation, INCAISTA will have a unique international network of contacts, which it will be able to use in its professional management.

What do we do to us?

INCAE is a world-class business school, but above all, it is a meeting and training place for business leaders committed to sustainable development and competitiveness. We are a non-traditional academic institution because our fundamental mission is not to teach; Rather, teaching is one of the means we have to promote this development of the countries of the region, as is the promotion of dialogue between institutions, sectors, individuals and countries, and so is applied research that We perform.

We also try to find and generate in the participant a self-knowledge that allows him to evaluate his own aptitudes with reference to the topics that are being studied so that he can grow personally.

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