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Career management program

It is a program aimed at training students in key aspects of personal marketing, valued by the organizations that recruit INCAISTAS. It is carried out during the Master's Degree, at times assigned in each module.

The sessions are a complement to the academic curriculum, and cover topics such as salaries, personal etiquette, the Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (BTSA), oral communication, interviews, career goals, CV, among others.

The Program is made up of individual and group sessions, and has graduates, human resources consulting firms, among others, as guests.


Let us help you

Career Services INCAE simultaneously serves employers, students, and graduates on all career-related issues.

Employers:  Through the Job Bank for INCAISTAS, the Online Recruitment System and the Professional Talent Fair, it facilitates companies (multinational and local) to identify the professional talent they require.

MBA students:  Through the Professional Talent Fair, the Career Services section on the Students Intranet and the Career Management Program (CCP), scenarios are provided to access internship job offers and permanent positions.

Graduates:  Through the Career Services section on the Intranet, our graduates can apply for open positions.

Career Services INCAE