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"Point blank"It is a firearm shot at such close range that it burns clothing, or"something that is done suddenly, without warning"In case method teaching, it is when the teacher makes a direct and surprising call,"cold"or"point blank", to a student, with a challenging question about the decision facing the protagonist of the case.

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Essential skills for using generative AI

20 2023 September

No. 23, September-October 2023. 

Based on his research on the psychology of artificial intelligence (AI) and learning, Oguz Acar, professor of marketing and innovation at King's College, London and research affiliate at the Innovation Science Laboratory at Harvard University, has defined 4 skills that , in his opinion, students should learn to use generative AI effectively—published in “Are Your Students Ready for AI?” Below, I share with you these skills and some reflections on them.

ChatGPT and the Case Method

31 July 2023

No. 22, July-August 2023.

Before each class, the professor asked students to submit short answers to questions about the case of the day. He generally received cursory responses until this year, when the quality took a surprising leap. The reason: ChatGPT, the OpenAI product capable of passing law exams and is already turning to higher education. To ban generative AI in classes or not? asks the headline of El Financiero (Costa Rica).

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John C Ickis

John C. Ickis (MBA, DBA Harvard University) is Emeritus Professor of Organization and Strategy at INCAE Business School. He is co-author of the book The Octagon: a Model to Align CSR with Strategy among others, and from articles in World Development and The Harvard Business Review. He has written over a hundred teaching cases, many of which have been published in textbooks and cases or distributed by HBS Publishing. He has led workshops on teaching and writing cases in more than a dozen countries in Latin America, Asia, Western and Central Europe, and North America.

He was selected as an instructor in the first Harvard Business School Colloquium for Participant-Centered Learning (CPCL I) and invited by the World Bank to present alternatives for teaching business administration to the Government of China in a high-level symposium, documented in the Bank's publication, Educating Managers for Business and Government: A Review of International Experience. As a consultant, Dr. Ickis advanced competitiveness initiatives at the national level in Croatia and at the provincial level in South Africa.