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"Point blank"It is a firearm shot at such close range that it burns clothing, or"something that is done suddenly, without warning"In case method teaching, it is when the teacher makes a direct and surprising call,"cold"or"point blank", to a student, with a challenging question about the decision facing the protagonist of the case.

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John C Ickis

John C. Ickis (MBA, DBA Harvard University) is Emeritus Professor of Organization and Strategy at INCAE Business School. He is co-author of the book The Octagon: a Model to Align CSR with Strategy among others, and from articles in World Development and The Harvard Business Review. He has written over a hundred teaching cases, many of which have been published in textbooks and cases or distributed by HBS Publishing. He has led workshops on teaching and writing cases in more than a dozen countries in Latin America, Asia, Western and Central Europe, and North America.

He was selected as an instructor in the first Harvard Business School Colloquium for Participant-Centered Learning (CPCL I) and invited by the World Bank to present alternatives for teaching business administration to the Government of China in a high-level symposium, documented in the Bank's publication, Educating Managers for Business and Government: A Review of International Experience. As a consultant, Dr. Ickis advanced competitiveness initiatives at the national level in Croatia and at the provincial level in South Africa.