Master of Advanced Management | INCAE Business School

This double degree is available to participants of the INCAE MBA Global Perspective. INCAE @ YALE will allow the student to apply for the Yale Master in Advanced Management (MAM) degree simultaneously with the INCAE MBA. The MAM degree is obtained only by MBA graduates from the most prestigious universities in the GNAM (Global Network for Advanced Management) network. The MAM is a 9-month post-MBA program that allows the student to have contact with some of the best MBA graduates in the world, leaders from different sectors, expand the network of professional contacts and have access to the extensive resources of Yale SOM Career Development Office.

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The classes are in charge of our outstanding faculty, we have one teacher for every four students.


This program combines different essential knowledge in administration, allowing the student to acquire practical skills that will help them in their professional development.

Double Degree

The program is given by the union of INCAE Business School (Costa Rica) and Yale University (United States).

Student experiences

The student may have the experience of taking courses at both universities.

Career Information

Each student receives support from Career Services to plan the next steps in their professional career.


INCAE @ MAM graduates become part of the Alumni community of the institution known as the Incae Network.

Cost and Financing

INCAE awards a limited number of scholarships, which partially cover the program in Costa Rica. In addition to this, Yale offers other types of financial aid to which the student must apply.

INCAE Business School is accredited by the University Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in awarding Master's degrees. Yale is not accredited by the SACS Commission on Universities and INCAE Business School's accreditation does not extend to or include Yale or its students. In addition, although INCAE Business School agrees to accept certain Yale coursework to be applied within INCAE Business School, these coursework cannot be accepted by other colleges or universities on transfer, including if it appears in an INCAE Business transcript. School. The decision to accept course work on transfer from any institution is made by the institution considering the acceptance of credits or course work.