INCAE Campus, Postgraduate in Strategy, Management and International Sustainability | INCAE Business School

Campus life

INCAE @ SIM seeks to create a synergy between the University of St. Gallen and INCAE, so that during the program, the student will have the opportunity to take courses at both institutions, thus obtaining the best of two worlds: the developed and the of emerging countries.

The career plan begins at INCAE headquarters in Costa Rica, Alajuela. During this stage the student prepares with basic courses to learn about developing nations and management tools that will enhance their knowledge. There, the dynamics of living in shared houses with their classmates takes social interaction outside the classroom and strengthens the bonds between students beyond the academic sphere. The headquarters has ideal spaces not only for studying, but also for practicing physical and recreational activities.
Upon completion of the first phase, students move to the city of Sankt Gallen in Switzerland, where they will take the remaining modules at the University of St. Gallen. During your studies at this institution you are encouraged to follow internships or internships during semester breaks in Switzerland. The SIM also offers the opportunity to work with companies for class projects and the organization of various social events.

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