Employment and Placements, Postgraduate in Strategy, Management and Sustainability | INCAE Business School

Why will you be hired?


  • Competitive character
  • Extensive training in case resolution
  • Sensitivity about the regional reality
  • Active participation in change management
  • Professional responsibility


The challenges and challenges of the first world countries in relation to emerging and developed markets, allow students a successful placement in the labor market.


1. Emerging and Developed Countries

INCAE @ SIM gives you the opportunity to gain experience in emerging and developed countries, in addition to gaining theoretical knowledge in these markets. With its economic challenges, different political systems, and immense social and environmental challenges, Central America offers an ideal context for learning management practices in developing countries. With its two campuses in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, INCAE is deeply embedded in Central America and offers you safe but challenging access to the top and bottom of the pyramid. In Switzerland, you get insight into the challenges and challenges of first world countries in relation to emerging and developed markets. Such opportunities truly blend into our international management concept.

2 Leadership

In addition to providing excellent management skills, INCAE @ SIM helps you understand, develop and improve your leadership style through various projects, as well as seminars and individual trainings. You will learn in a collaborative environment that encourages both effective teamwork and individual leadership.

3. Combination of Different Disciplines

As an interdisciplinary program, INCAE @ SIM combines management disciplines with relevant aspects of economics, law, and the cultural sciences, and encourages students to take multiple perspectives while dealing with personal and professional challenges.

4. Interdisciplinary Approach

The integration of management courses and contextual studies from various disciplines in Switzerland and Costa Rica will facilitate broader perspectives, complementary skills, and creativity, thereby preparing you to tackle management problems holistically.

5. Social Responsibility

INCAE @ SIM students are required to carry out an international social project. This reflects our commitment to train competent leaders who contribute to the development of emerging countries.

6. Exceptional Faculty

INCAE @ SIM faculty members come from a wide variety of cultures and nationalities, and base their teaching on practical research and business experiences. With small class sizes, our students have the opportunity to personally connect with our expert teachers.