Master of Business Administration + Digital Transformation from INCAE

The specialization program facilitates the student with less managerial experience, focus your studies towards specific objectives and enhance their knowledge in areas of particular interest.

Students develop skills in teamwork to face challenging opportunities and situations in their communities. The purpose of this program is that the student focus your studies on a specific area, according to your needs: Sustainability, Marketing, Operations & Technology, Finance & Economy or Entrepreneurship.

In addition, it offers students the possibility of carrying out regional exchanges to learn from the reality of other regions, expanding your vision in the World and that on many occasions allows you establish global contacts.

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Faculty of the highest level, with postgraduate studies in the most prestigious universities in the world.


Each teaching area comprises a series of classes that allow the student to obtain a comprehensive training. The degree of specialization is obtained by selecting elective courses.  


INCAE continually tops the rankings of business schools in Latin America. Compare us with the rest and discover what makes us unique.

Student experiences

The dynamics of living in shared houses with their peers makes social interaction transcend beyond the classroom.

Career Information

Students go through a career planning process, under the direction of Career Services.


Upon graduation, MBA students become part of the Incaìsta Network, with more than 16.000 graduates.

Costs and financial aid

Find information on available scholarships and forms of funding for your specific case.