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Featured Alumni

Victoria Revealed

Client Development Consultant - GALLUP, Colombia.

"It's great to have an MBA and increase your income, but we can never forget the people who need our help." Revelo tells us that the classes on Management Decisions and Leadership were extremely enriching.

Life after INCAE

Once they successfully complete their studies at INCAE, MBA students become part of what is called the Incaist Network. It is made up of more than 13.000 members, alumni of the master's programs and key actors involved with the institution.

While some of the graduates have successfully secured a job option during their internships and career internships, others rely on the services of the Alumni department as a collaborative channel in their placement process.

INCAE also provides support to graduate associations in different countries, and through constant networking, helps maintain the link between students and the institution.

You can choose jobs in any area of ​​interest. The most predominant areas among our graduates are: financial services, banking, consumer products and services, energy sector, health sector, non-governmental organizations and education.