Master of Business Administration, Global MBA | INCAE Business School

The Global MBA focuses on providing the necessary tools to students who require a comprehensive training in the different management areas. It allows students refine your managerial experience by consolidating it with the study areas of the program.

It has been developed with the purpose of actively promote the development of countries, educating leaders in key sectors through improving your practices, Attitudes and Values. The direct impact of our students on Latin American companies improves the quality of life and the business environment. The program allows students to have an experience with global perspective, which employers consider essential.

We construct a differential component in the profile of future managers that they would take a transversal position in the company. The program is intended to replicate in the classroom the interdisciplinary challenges that in real life require the integration of knowledge from different areas of administration.


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Teachers in the program

Faculty of the highest level, with postgraduate studies in the most prestigious universities in the world.

Curriculum Vitae

The design of the program will allow students to acquire administrative skills applicable to business and eventually develop key projects in the community.

Exchanges and Double degree

For INCAE, academic teaching is as important as multinational and multicultural experience.

Student experiences

The dynamics of living in shared houses with their peers makes social interaction transcend beyond the classroom.

Career Information

Students go through a career planning process, under the direction of Career Services.


Upon graduation, MBA students become part of the Incaísta Network, with more than 13.000 members.

Costs and financial aid

Find information on available scholarships and forms of funding for your specific case.