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Eg, 10/03/2022
Eg, 10/03/2022
October 6 of the 2022
Looking to stand out? We invite you to talk with Julián Rodríguez, an INCAE graduate, to find out how his commitment to developing digital skills allowed him to be relevant in the labor market. Discover how INCAE, the number one school in LATAM, could be the key to starting a career with international projection and with the opportunity to live study experiences in different countries of the world. This master's degree allows you to build a global network through the...
October 12 of the 2022
If you want to take your next professional step with an ONLINE MBA, we invite you to explore alternatives that you may not have considered to cover your investment in studies at INCAE. Like you, our graduates shared the same concern: How can I finance my MBA? However, this one doesn't...
October 18 of the 2022
Now you can achieve all your professional goals while continuing your work activity with INCAE's ONLINE MBA. Learn in this free webinar how you can finance your study investment with BCP. INCAE Business School, the Latin American business school founded by Harvard, has...