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Master's programs

Why do we do masters?

INCAE was born in 1963 thanks to the vision of Central American businessmen, President John F. Kennedy, and the support of Harvard University. Since then, INCAE's vision has been very clear: to actively promote the integral development of the countries where it serves, training high-level leaders for key sectors.

Your goals are met

The highest level companies knock on the door of our graduates. 20% of the 50 best Latin American companies are led by our INCAE graduates. After all, Latin America is the new land of opportunity.



This MBA allows students to focus their studies on specific areas of interest through different specializations: Sustainability, Marketing, Operations & Technology, Finance & Economics or Entrepreneurship. The program is designed to enhance the particular skills of each student, giving you the opportunity to participate in a Management Consulting Project (“Management Consulting Project”). It is taught mainly in Spanish with the possibility of taking some electives in English.

Global MBA

The Global MBA seeks to educate leaders in key sectors by improving their practices, attitudes and values, actively promoting the integral development of nations by learning the best business techniques together with the experience of integration between two worlds: developed countries and emerging nations. It is developed in English and provides a variety of exchange opportunities with more than 34 universities, as well as double degree programs around the world.

Double Degree

INCAE Business School offers programs Double Degree where the student can have a greater professional and life scope. You can opt for the INCAE MBA and another certification at one of the prestigious universities that are part of the agreement.


INCAE collaborates with major international organizations to generate opportunities for professional development and contribute to the training of global leaders.