The club emerged as a reaction to the unethical practices that caused the 2008-09 world crisis. "INCAE MBA Oath Club" is an association of INCAE students and graduates, which is dedicated to promoting ethical awareness, through an MBA OATH. We are the first “MBA OATH” club in the world and the oldest INCAE club. Since our foundation, we have had more than 700 members, who are committed to fighting the culture of corruption in Latin America.

Foundation: 24 May 2011.
Current members: 63 students, 83 lifetime members.
Meeting frequency and place: Various activities.


We will be the world's benchmark Oath Club, promoting a global business environment guided by the MBA Oath values ​​of responsibility, integrity, honor, honesty, respect, sustainability, professionalism, and accountability.

Club motto:

"Ethics Is Awareness"


Promote the use of ethical standards in business and business administration through the MBA OATH.

Club's “Triple Bottom Line”:

Is this good for me? Is this good for my organization? Is this good for society?

About Us

We are a group of INCAE students and graduates, who, aware of the challenge we have to lead the Latin American region, decided to dedicate ourselves to not only improve the profits of companies and organizations, but to do so while complying with an oath called “MBA OATH that has 8 standards of ethical conduct.

  • Should
  • Integrity
  • Honor
  • Veracity
  • Respect
  • Sustainability 
  • Professionalism 
  • Accountability

Where we come from?

The club stems from a worldwide initiative known as "The Oath Project" in which MBA graduates pledged to fulfill a Hippocratic Oath for MBAs. The students of the 2012 class decided that this oath needed updating and looked for ways to further engage the student, so they formed the “Incae MBA Oath Club”.


We are a single club, with headquarters on each INCAE campus. With two types of members: student and life.

Boards of Directors

Walter Kissling Campus:

Specialized MBA 2019
  • President: Ana Lucia Ruiz (Gua)
  • Vice President: Jaime Aguilar (Peru)
  • Secretary: Rafael Rodriguez (Hon)
  • Communications: Cristina Robert (CR)
  • Treasurer: Pablo Sierra (Peru)
MBA Latin American Leadership I
  • President: Eliberth Ascue (Peru)
  • Vice President: Lucia Urrutia (Nic)
  • Secretary: Mercy Ayala (Hon)
  • Communications: Jose Quiros (CR)
  • Treasurer: David Burneo (ECU)

MBA Oath Club in the news

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