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Leadership and Diversity Club


We are a student team made up of members of the INCAE Business School Master's programs, we intend to promote an integral leadership style where the balance in professional, social and personal life allows to enhance the leadership skills necessary for future leaders of the region.

Foundation: April 2013

Website: Leadership and Diversity


To be a reference in the development of competitive skills for the promotion of integral leaders in the region.


Generate learning experiences for members of the INCAE community in leadership skills for personal and professional growth.

Our focus

Goals and objectives

  • Develop spaces where students can witness in an experiential way experiences with current leaders in the region in order to enhance their own leadership skills.
  • Develop leadership skills required to empower the integral leader through balance in the professional, social and personal fields.
  • Design the processes and statutes of the LID club that allow the club to be institutionalized within INCAE.

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