• The MBA in Entrepreneurship from INCAE, allows candidates to incubate their entrepreneurship during the time they are studying for the master's degree.
  • The students will receive, in addition to the management tools to lead their business, methodologies that allow them undertake with the least possible risk.

Why an MBA in Entrepreneurship?

Graduates of the MBA in entrepreneurship of INCAE, in addition to having the knowledge to be able to perform in management positions within consolidated companies, leave with practical experience to create their own business or lead the innovation and development departments in the areas of new products, new business models, applied innovation, etc.

Student experiences

Jose Ignacio was chosen among the finalists for the Cuestamoras Award for Innovation for his startup Oxy-Gen. In addition, it was selected among the 7 finalists of the UN Breakthrough Innovation Challenge.

Currently, he works in his venture within the Garage, incubator of the MBA in Entrepreneurship of INCAE.

Jose Ignacio Barrientos
MBA Candidate 2018

Antonella and José are the founders of Trashure. A Startup that already operates in Peru, thanks to the financing of Active science. They were also selected among the 7 finalists for the UN Breakthrough Innovation Challenge.

Both continue to work on their idea at the Garage, incubator of INCAE's MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Antonella Romero and José Zegarra
MBA candidates 2018

Luz started her business idea inside the incubator Garage MBA in Entrepreneurship from INCAE.

Currently, your business is in the evaluation phase with excellent results.

Salemma Light
MBA Candidate 2018