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INCAE Entrepreneurship carries out a variety of virtual and face-to-face events seeking to develop the capacities of Latin American entrepreneurs and investors. 

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INCAE Entrepreneur Award 2019

At the award event of the 3rd edition of the IEA, the 10 finalists presented their growth projects in front of venture investors and the general public (140 attendees). They were also evaluated by risk investors, executives and INCAE faculty. 


First Place and winner of the Coyol Free Zone mention in Life Sciences: nikkos

Second place and gandora mention in Social Entrepreneurship, Strachan Chair: Mammoth

Third place: pellets

Early Stage Venture Investment Forum

This event brought together Alumni and other actors of the system interested in risk investment so that they learned, from the hands of recognized investors in the region, the state of angel investment in the region, its challenges and opportunities.

110 people from 9 countries accompanied us.

INCAE Entrepreneur Award 2018

In the INCAE Entrepreneur Award 2018 we had the participation of 10 finalist companies from 6 countries, who shared their growth projects in front of a jury made up of venture investors, senior executives and INCAE faculty, and an audience of more than 100 people.


First place: Nature Art

Second place: WorldRep

Terecr Location: Bamboo Pallets

INCAE Entrepreneur Award 2017

In the IEA 2017 awards event we had the participation of 5 Alumni finalists from 4 countries.

The winning company of this edition was Processim Labs