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II Edition: How to Promote Economic Development in Central America after the Pandemic?

Letter from the Director

With the Covid-19 pandemic about to extend into its second year, Central America will close 2020 with more than 700 thousand infected people and more than 15 thousand unfortunate deaths. The consequences have been tragic both from a health perspective and from an economic and social perspective. The region will experience a contraction in its GDP close to 6%, with a range that goes from 2% in Guatemala to 9% in El Salvador and Panama.

Most experts agree that the economic recovery will be long and complex. Returning to activity levels in 2019 will take an average of about three years, with Guatemala being the only country in the region that can aspire to a full recovery in 2021. However, the effectiveness of the recovery process will depend on our governments building a vision clear, establish avenues of political understanding with the different sectors and stimulate a preponderant participation of the private sector to overcome the pre-existing weaknesses in our institutional systems, productive apparatus and social structures.

This edition of our magazine summarizes the reflections of various experts from Central American countries, in which they share an assessment of the situation in their country and outline ideas related to the strategy to recover economies and transform them with more sustainable and fair development models in the long-term. We hope that this edition provides valuable content to stimulate constructive and purposeful dialogue in our readers and Central American countries.

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Octavio Martinez

Director of CLACDS/INCAE

Octavio Martinez
CLACDS Director

    Editors Letter

    How to cope with the pandemic: Individuals, companies and society

    A few months ago, the IBR editors asked various experts from Central American countries to provide us with an assessment of the situation in their country and to outline ideas related to the eventual way to recover the economies and societies of the region from the damage it has caused. the plague. Experts from almost all Central American countries answered our call.

    Luis López and Niels Ketelhöhn
    INCAE Full Professors