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Letter from our editors

Editors letter

As we have faced different stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, INCAE Business Review has accompanied its audience by offering conceptual frameworks to understand and solve the relevant problems of the moment. In the July 2020 issue, at the peak of the pandemic, the magazine focused on understanding the nature of the virus, explaining contagion projection models, ways to reduce personal stress caused by isolation, and techniques managers to operate businesses from lockdown. In the December 2020 edition, with the imminent start of vaccination campaigns, INCAE Business Review focused on post-pandemic recovery. The magazine then adopted "country" as the main unit of analysis, and published a series of articles discussing economic recovery priorities in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras.

The set of articles in this edition explores two major junctures: the immediate post-pandemic future and the long-term problems of institutions and countries.

Luis López and Niels Ketelhöhn
INCAE Full Professors