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Edition IV: The Case Method and INCAE

The business world is complex and challenging; business decisions generally consider various aspects such as the environment, data, company strategy, among others. But generally the information is incomplete, and the decision cannot wait until all the data is available. How the leader acts in the situation can mark the success or failure of the company. Since its founding, INCAE Business School has used the case method as a tool to train business leaders capable of facing these demands with analytical skills, critical thinking and decision making under uncertainty.

This edition of our magazine highlights the importance of the case method in the institution, presenting the first written case in the history of INCAE. Despite the nearly 50 years of this case, it is still valid and confronts us with challenges that current operations managers deal with on a daily basis, even when they have access to other types of tools. Business evolution and the challenges faced by decision makers are multiple; you can have a lot or little information, but there is always the question of whether the correct decision was made. We invite you to read, analyze and reflect on each of the cases presented and answer your questions about the possible decisions that you would make in the leader's place. This exercise will strengthen critical thinking, the ability to adapt to different contexts, and your development as a business leader. Continuous learning is part of success. Thanks for being part of our community.

Ronald Maple