INCAE is one of the 32 business schools that are part of the Global Network for Advanced Management, a network of universities that promotes internationalization and innovation, connecting students from the main business schools in the world, through activities that allow broadening intercultural perspectives, with conferences, discussions and team projects. The Global Network for Advanced Management elevates the capacities of its members in various areas:

El Global Network for Advanced Management elevates the capabilities of its members in various areas:

networked learning

Global Network Week, is an intensive and simultaneous exchange program between schools in the network that allows students to learn with expert teachers on topics specific to the school and country in which they are offered. At the same time, they increase their network of contacts worldwide, sharing with participants from other countries in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Global Network Investment Competition, a competition that takes place in teams, in which a portfolio of shares is created to be listed on the local market and thus compete for a prize.

Student Organized Competitions, Several teams come together at Yale University to participate in the Integrated Leadership Case Competition, a competition that aims to develop creative solutions to business challenges that require the integration of multiple disciplines. They also organize the Yale Healthcare Services Innovation: Case Competition, which focuses on bringing innovative ideas for service delivery in healthcare.

Network Inquiry

Global Network Surveys, is a survey carried out by academics, who take the opportunity to interview students in the community in order to have important analysis results at a commercial level.

Global Network Perspectives, presents the research and opinions of professors and collaborators of the network, about the complexities of doing business in an interconnected world, in order to know how to deal with these scenarios.

Un-Conference on Entrepreneurship, This activity is aimed at discussing areas of interest and commitment to help entrepreneurs around the world. Global Network Cases are case studies that evaluate business challenges from multiple points of view.

network education

Global Network Courses, are online courses offered by some of the member schools and are open to students from all over the network for credit.

Global Virtual Teams, students from the participating schools come together in groups to work virtually on specific tasks that promote teamwork, coordination, decision-making and analysis, overcoming barriers such as time and cultural differences, providing real and important practice in preparation for the future job.

Increase leadership and decision-making skills

  • Global Network Week is a exchange program.
  • In which 32 schools in the network, (many of them classified as the the best in the world, according to Financial Times and QS), teach courses, according to their interests and areas of expertise: technology, economy, business, innovation ...
  • Where the networking law es fundamental, with students from America, Europe and Asia.
  • Those who take advantage of the perspectives, programs and experience of the teachers of the school they attend, in the company of network professionals, touring local businesses and discussing current business problems with experts.

Allied schools

  • IE Business School
  • Hitotsubashi University Business School - ICS
  • Yale School of Management
  • Haas School of Business
  • Asian Institute of Management
  • Fudan University School of Management
  • ESMT Berlin
  • HEC Paris
  • And more…

Global Network Week dates

Global Network Week, October 18-22, 2021