Faculty and Research

In line with the mission of promoting sustainable development in the region, INCAE has research and impact centers to provide analysis tools and content for decision-making, the development of best practices in organizations and sectors, and the design of policies. regional


Global experts with regional knowledge. INCAE attracts an outstanding, specialized, and high-performing faculty. Our professors assume with leadership their vocation to develop executives with the best management practices. His research and practical experience are geared toward a problem-solving approach that creates lasting value and impact. As a result, INCAE graduates and participants are aware of the latest business trends and are able to apply the most innovative management tools.


El Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS) is the applied research center of INCAE since its foundation in 1996. Its mission is to promote the sustainable development of the region through research, dialogue, participatory design of strategies and the transfer of best practices. CLACDS is a partner of international organizations, multilateral banks, cooperation agencies, national governments, civil society and the private sector. The recent impact of CLACDS is observed in regional economic integration, the incorporation of environmental and social attributes in business, and evidence-based decision making.


El Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs (LACE) was launched in 2016 and its mission is to promote entrepreneurship in the region through academic programs, conferences, awards, alliances, and other initiatives. The center developed an Entrepreneurship track in the Full-Time MBA, through which students receive academic training aimed at creating dynamic entrepreneurships, and includes the incubation of their projects. In addition, the Center works on the development of programs and initiatives to support entrepreneurship among its Alumni, such as the Entrepreneur In-Residence and the INCAE Emprende Network, among others.

Strachan Chair of Philanthropy

La Strachan Chair for Philanthropy and Social Investment seeks to inspire future leaders to exercise responsible leadership, we research and produce educational materials about how to do effective philanthropy and social investment. In January 2013, a group of investors led by philanthropist Harry W. Strachan created a donation fund with the purpose of financing a research program focused on social investment and philanthropy in Central America.

Chair in Sustainability VIVA Idea INCAE

We are a center for research, teaching and action that seeks to bring corporate and business objectives hand in hand with social and environmental sustainability.

INCAE Publications

Find here the institutional repository of the academic publications of the school, such as: Articles, Books, Chapters in books, Case studies, Articles, Journal Articles, Dissertations, Monographs, Reports, among others.


El Center for Inclusive and Sustainable Leadership (CELIS) is INCAE Business School's Impact Center that seeks to promote and develop inclusive and sustainable leadership in the region - built on the foundations of inclusion, equity, diversity and sustainability - supported by our platform of international experts with a global vision. The Center hosts a series of events such as conferences, executive breakfasts and talks, as well as free webinars throughout the year. It carries out studies such as the Women's Social Progress Index. Promotes the training of women and men in the public and private sectors through executive programs for leadership. 

René Morales Carazo Chair of Entrepreneurship

El objetivo the René Morales Carazo Chair is the creation and dissemination of knowledge through the creation of didactic material, curriculum design and the transfer of knowledge about entrepreneurship.

Steve Aronson Chair Strategy and Agribusiness

La Steve Aronson Chair seeks that companies related to agribusiness can develop options that allow them to produce greater wealth and that this reaches many producers and entrepreneurs of agriculture.


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