March 30 of the 2022
Central America, Costa Rica

Companies and climate change: transforming business strategies


Many private sector organizations have decided to take action on the global climate crisis, often as part of their social responsibility plans. However, as the risks and opportunities that climate change represents for business are better understood, it is evolving towards a more strategic approach of alignment with the fundamental objectives of the company.  

The aforementioned risks and opportunities will be discussed at the event, based on the cases of Latin American companies that are developing strategies for their management. Additionally, the experience of CLACDS/INCAE will be shared as part of the organizations that coordinate the Community of Practice on Public-Private Coordination for Climate Action in Latin America (ArticuLAC), which seeks to promote the alignment of government and private strategies with a view to a greater effectiveness in achieving business objectives and national and global climate goals.


Promote the integration of climate action by companies as a strategic element of the business, to properly manage risks and take advantage of the new opportunities that arise from the transition to a resilient and low-emissions economy.