De November 14, 2022 but also November 25, 2022
Central America, North America, South America

Green Housing Financing


The Green Housing Financing course is born from the importance of publicizing new trends in the sector, its contribution to sustainable development and the benefits that result for all those involved.

Learning objectives

  1. Strengthen the capacities of the financial sector to capitalize on the opportunities offered by sustainable finance and the financing of green housing.
  2. Publicize the evolution, fundamentals, trends and the variety of financing mechanisms, technologies and existing applications in the green construction sector.
  3. Delve into the arguments that show the financial and comfort advantages of sustainable construction.
  4. Learn about initiatives, successful cases and international best practices in green construction.
  5. Learn about the most used green tools, methodologies and certifications for sustainable housing.
  6. Review fundamentals of structuring a green financial product for the construction sector.


  • From the 14 to the 25 for November

Course program

Phase 1: The Business Case for Green Housing

Phase 2: Development of a financial product

Phase 3: Getting approval from the Board of Directors


$ 950 *

*Special prices for partners of the Ecobanking project, Alumni and those referred by Felaban or IFC.