INCAE Executive Club, Guatemala | INCAE
February 10, 2014
Informative session
Central America, Guatemala
Hotel Barceló, 7 Avenida 15-45, Zona 9. Guatemala City.
Free activity, limited space
Additional notes: 
It is essential to register to reserve your space.

INCAE Executive Club, Guatemala

Is it worth investing in an international MBA? INCAE executive club
Lotte zoontjens

Is it worth investing time and energy in an MBA? What would be the impact on the results of your company by participating in an MBA? How could you align your career goals with those of your company? Thinking of expanding your business into new markets or looking for international opportunities?

If these questions seem relevant to you, this event may be of interest to you. I extend an invitation to lunch and talk about the Executive Global MBA INCAE, an exclusive program for decision makers with at least 5 years of managerial experience and at least 30 years of age.