Women Lead: Strategies for the Development of Women


Leadership and Organizational Transformation

Self-confidence, resilience, ability to take risks, vision and a lot of diplomacy. These are perhaps the most important elements for women to reach new levels of leadership.


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The objective of this program is for women from all walks of life to strengthen their self-confidence and to be able to identify and overcome gender stereotypes; giving them timely tools that will help them find their own personal brand and leadership style.

By being part of this program, you will be able to learn about the challenges faced by women from other fields and geographies, and you will design a plan to achieve your personal and professional goals; all this with the approach of INCAE Business School and the guidance of Camelia Ilie, Dean of Executive Education and Strategic Innovation, Full Professor and Chair of INCAE's Center for Inclusive and Sustainable Leadership (CELIS).

February 26 to April 28, 2024
Country: ONLINE
Total Price: US $ 1.595

Women Lead: Strategies for the Development of Women

Country: ONLINE


  • Week 1: Learn from the past to understand the present and design the future
  • Week 2: Develop holistic thinking to learn how to make strategic decisions
  • Week 3: Improve your personal brand and build a suitable network of contacts
  • Week 4: What does my personal digital brand say about me?
  • Week 5: Make the right decisions: plan your finances and know the risks
  • Week 6: Your Life Purpose: Ambitious, Realistic, and Achievable
  • Week 7: Personal Strategic Plan

All participants who successfully complete the program receive a Verified Digital Certificate of completion endorsed by INCAE Business School.

* INCAE reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.


  • 360° evaluation and advice for the preparation of a Personal Strategic Plan
  • Personalized follow-up and weekly feedback
  • Sessions with experts in real time

Participant profile

  • Women of any profession looking to build their own leadership strategy and personal brand.
  • Spanish-speaking women interested in being in control of their personal and professional future.
  • Women who hold managerial or executive positions in any sector or industry.

Our teachers

  • Camelia Ilie

    Dean of Strategy and Institutional Affairs, Chair from the Center for Inclusive and Sustainable Leadership, and Professor at INCAE, a leading business school in Latin America. Over the past decade she has transformed the Executive Education business to position it in the Top 25 of the Financial Times global rankings. In addition to transforming the core business, she also created a new online business, a start-up in alliance with Emeritus, a world leader in educational technology. Up to more than 6,500 participants from more than 15 countries studied annually in the areas under his leadership. Camelia Ilie is an entrepreneurial leader, advisor and board member with more than 25 years of experience in value creation, strategy, innovation and profit and loss management in organizations in Europe, Latin America and the US.

  • Camelia Ilie


  • Understand leadership and personal growth from a gender perspective.
  • Acquire knowledge and tools to be more competitive.
  • Develop a Personal Strategic Plan to be more visionary, more analytical and less risk averse.


  • Be more analytical and visionary without compromising your values, needs and goals, developing your own leadership style.
  • Combine self-knowledge and technology to create your personal digital brand strategy.
  • Analyze your personal financial plan and draw up a risk-taking profile.
  • Identify, navigate and end gender stereotypes.
  • Analyze your goals, strengths and weaknesses and draw up a Personal Strategic Plan to achieve your goals.