Advanced Negotiation Workshop


Leadership and Organizational Transformation

Increase your negotiation effectiveness to conduct value-creating negotiations. Manage the tension and interests of the different parties involved and turn complex situations into opportunities for your organization.


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Executive Education

This program will allow you to identify critical issues, adjust your strategy for each situation and positively impact your organization through beneficial results and agreements through a strategic perspective of negotiation and practice.


"What stands out the most from the Advanced Negotiation Workshop are the professors, since they are not only excellent academics, they are not only that, but really skilled communicators"

Deputy General Manager-Fráter

Alex Lopez


"The Advanced Negotiation Workshop taught me and encouraged me to develop new alternatives when negotiating, techniques that can be put into practice both in my company and in my personal life"


Vielza Rios

March 11-16, 2024
Country: ONLINE
Total Price: US $ 2.800

Advanced Negotiation Workshop - Edition II

Country: ONLINE


  • How to create more value in negotiations?
  • How to distribute value in a negotiation?
  • Tensions between the creation and distribution of value
  • Complex negotiations
  • Trading methods and alternatives
  • International intercultural negotiations

* Includes tuition, teaching materials and certificate of participation. 
* The investment amount does not include taxes or commissions.


  • Negotiation exercise workshop
  • Reflection on previous experiences
  • Analysis of real cases

Participant profile

 This program is aimed at executives, managers, professionals and executives from any industry who face negotiations on a daily basis, as part of their strategic work within the company. 

Our teachers

  • Enrique Ogliastri
    Enrique Ogliastri

    Emeritus professor at INCAE in Costa Rica and professor at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. He was a research professor at the Universidad de los Andes and at Harvard University; he has also been a visiting professor in Japan, France and Spain. He studied Industrial Engineering at the Industrial University of Santander (Colombia), has an MBA in Business Administration at IESE in Barcelona, ​​MS in Social Psychology and Ph. D. in Organizational Theory at Northwestern University (USA).

  • Enrique Ogliastri
    Enrique Ogliastri


  • Evaluate different ways of negotiating.
  • Self-assess personal effectiveness in complex negotiations.
  • Develop skills to promote value creation processes in negotiations. 
  • Recognize one's own negotiation culture in international comparison.


The program helps participants to know their attitudes and behaviors during a negotiation and allows them to assess their abilities in conflict situations and in the face of multiple interests. 

Key benefits:

  • It will positively impact your business by generating value in the negotiation processes.
  • You will improve your understanding of the problems and negotiation processes involved in teamwork.
  • You will analyze your attitudes and behaviors when faced with a negotiation and will evaluate your abilities to resolve conflicts.