Specialization in Supply Chain Management



Specialization in Supply Chain Management provides you with fundamental knowledge and tools to achieve better levels of efficiency in the application of resources, using a variety of approaches and techniques such as Lean and Data Analytics. It also explores the impact of innovation on supply chains, and its curriculum ranges from the foundations of supply chain management and Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, to analytics and Big Data.


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This specialization explores the impact of innovation on supply chains, and how supply chains are implemented and operated for organizational success. This journey ranges from the foundations of supply chain management and Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, to analytics and Big Data; as well as innovation and change accelerated by the pandemic in business platforms.

To cover this entire panorama, INCAE Business School's Specialization in Supply Chain Management consists of four key areas:
• Supply Chain Management
• Lean: Quality and Efficiency
• Big Data and Advanced Analytics
• Innovation and Change – Digital Platforms

INCAE Business School enriches this experience with a practical approach (hands-on) and total immersion in crucial issues for transformation and for the development of an innovation process that reaches the heart of the company. On these pillars, it structures a Specialization that definitively complements and strengthens any professional profile.

Made up of four modules with a total duration of 9 months, the Specialization in Supply Chain Management is an executive program that combines experiences, knowledge and theory with applied activities to understand the supply chain in a modern context. 

October 18, 2024 to June 27, 2025
Country: ONLINE
Total Price: US $ 5.200
Date: October 17, 2022 to June 26, 2023
Country: ONLINE


Module 1 | Supply Chain Management
Module 2 | Lean: Quality and Efficiency
Module 3 | Big Data and Advanced Analytics
Module 4 | Innovation, Technology and Change

Module price: with 5.200% of discount

* The module can be purchased individually.


INCAE Business School's Specialization in Supply Change Management addresses theoretical/practical issues and a variety of fundamental tools and methodologies regarding the management and modernization of supply chains.
The experience includes an initial week of orientation and four modules of seven weeks each. It also includes means and resources to guide interaction between peers and with the expert leaders of each module of the Specialization.

Participant profile

• Leaders in supply chain operations, entrepreneurs, small business owners and employees with businesses whose hearts revolve around supply chains.
• Professionals who need new skills or improve their existing ones to expand their expertise and professional knowledge, taking into account the modern fundamentals of supply chain management.
• Professionals who want to prepare and differentiate themselves and/or their organization for the future, seeking to combine the benefits of modern technology and supply chain management for immediate impact.
• Individuals who work in one part of the supply chain and need to know how the other links work.
• Project managers who manage the logistics of a company or one of its divisions.

Our teachers

  • Andrey M Elizondo

    Academic and senior consultant in innovation and technology management with particular emphasis on governance of platforms and information ecosystems, and orchestration of long-term digital transformation processes. He has participated in multiple strategic consulting processes in organizational and digital transformation, in various industries and organizations in the public and private sectors, both in Latin America and in Europe. He has significant experience in the strategic articulation for the adoption of large-scale complex platforms. He has been linked to INCAE Business School for more than a decade, initially as a consultant and associate researcher and later as part of the visiting faculty. For several years he coordinated the annual evaluation of the provision of public services by digital means in Costa Rica, his country of origin; a systematic measurement carried out externally from INCAE, where the experience of the citizen when interacting digitally with State institutions was analyzed.

  • Bernard Killian

    He is Dean of Faculty and Research at INCAE Business School, where he also teaches courses in the areas of Microeconomics and Operations Management as a full professor. A native of Germany, he earned a doctorate in Environmental Resource Economics and a master's degree in Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis in Economics, both from the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

  • Roy Gerardo Zuniga

    Full Professor at INCAE Business School. He completed his doctoral studies in Complexity Management at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, England and the University of Valladolid, Spain, graduated Summa Cum Laude, for his work on Strategy Execution and Operationalization. He has a Master of Philosophy in Strategic Simulation and Organizational Learning from Manchester School of Management. He holds a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and Environmental Management from the University of Oregon, USA. He obtained an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and a Postgraduate Degree in Functional Administration from INCAE, where he graduated with High Distinction.

  • Gerzo Gallardo Morales
    • Data Science Institute Latam Co-Founder | Guest Professor Master Business Analytics INCAE
    • Master in Statistical Methods from the Pontifical University, Universidad Católica de Chile. Doctorate studies in Economics and Finance at the University of La Rioja Spain. Diploma in Advanced Financial Analysis and Financial Management from the Pontifica, Catholic University of Chile.
    • Commercial Engineer with a specialization in Marketing, from the Central University of Chile  
  • Andrey M Elizondo
  • Bernard Killian
  • Roy Gerardo Zuniga
  • Gerzo Gallardo Morales


  • Understand methodologies and tools that are used today in supply chain management.
  • Develop and strengthen analytical skills to develop solutions and face problems of supply chain management.
  • Understand the decisive role of information flows in the operation of effective supply chains.
  • Learn data exploration and how to make an effective visualization (dashboard) for the monitoring of supply chain operations.
  • Understand the fundamentals, tools, and concepts that Lean Thinking includes, such as management flow, variability, waste, work cells, value stream maps, and others.
  • Explore areas of innovation and technological change that will transform the supply chains of the future.


The program:

  • It applies the Case Method, INCAE's distinctive way of learning that encourages critical thinking in the participants, with the purpose of helping them face situations of similar complexity in their own contexts.

  • Use simulations to put into practice what you have learned in real contexts and give knowledge a practical purpose from the beginning.

  • It offers globally recognized and locally applicable content under the guidance of expert academics and practitioners.

  • It emphasizes hands-on practice and regional transformation for the economic and social improvement of Latin America.

  • It seeks the preparation of professionals who act as engines in the creation of sustainable values ​​and high competence in the organizations where they work.