Finance Specialization


Banking and finances

Specialize in the management of financial analysis and models, the management of risks and opportunities in the capital markets and the management of investment portfolios. This innovative program adapts to your needs, giving you the opportunity to take the full Specialization or each module independently.


Veronica Caldera
Executive Education

The management of financial resources and assets has become of paramount importance in business. Every executive who is responsible for the financial health of an organization faces problems and decisions that require greater preparation. Do you have the financial knowledge and tools to overcome these challenges?

With a flexible modular format and an experienced faculty, the Finance Specialization Program allows you to learn about new approaches and tools for financial analysis and models, risk management and opportunities in capital markets and investment portfolio management.


“My experience has been enriching, very helpful for the development of my career. The technical financial part, the projections, the valuation of companies, risk management ... I have found a way to take advantage of everything for my work and, even, I have been able to apply it immediately to give added value to my company "

Edith madrid


“The program has met my expectations, one is updated, learns new concepts and tools. The content is a combination of qualitative and quantitative topics, everything that is covered is applicable, the scope is quite wide, quite complete ”.


Jayson Shepherd

March 13 to August 9, 2024

Module - Capital Markets and Investment Banking

Date: March 13-20, 2024
Country: ONLINE


• Investment opportunities in emerging markets
• Financial strategies and investment selection
• Cost of capital and investment strategy in emerging markets • Financial strategy and financing options
• Introduction to mergers and acquisitions
• Mergers and acquisitions, valuation techniques and processes
• Financial diagnosis, fundamental analysis versus technical analysis • Fundamental analysis and optimal capital structure
• Business valuation and project evaluation
• Valuation of an industrial company
• Dividend policy
• Evaluation of real estate projects
• Portfolio management
• Investment banking and public offering
• @Risk Workshop

Module price: US$2.800

* The module can be purchased individually.

Module - Corporate Risk Management and Financial Institutions

Date: May 22 to 31, 2024
Country: ONLINE


Corporate Risk Management
• Introduction to comprehensive risk management at the company level, risk management and business strategy.
• Financial analysis and company risk profile
• Profitability and Liquidity
• Sensitivity analysis
• @Risk workshop (risk assessment)
• Interest rate risk management
• Introduction to Investment Project Evaluation Methodologies
• Cost of resources and financing structure
• Evaluation of projects and real options
• Currency exposure and hedging

Risk Management in Financial Institutions
• New regulatory environment and risk management in financial institutions: from Basel I to Basel III
• Boards of Directors. Corporate Governance and Risk Management in Institutions
• Analysis of solvency and credit risk
• Exposure, credit risk premium, capital adjustment
• Liquidity risk management
• Interest rate risk management
• Management of exchange rate risk
• Measurement of operational risks

Module price: US$2.800

* The module can be purchased individually.

Module - Advanced Finance

Date: August 5 to 9, 2024
Country: Panama / IN-PERSON


• Advanced financial analysis techniques
• Operational efficiency and profitability
• Creation of value and profitability
• Profitability and dividend policy

• Financial solvency and profitability analysis
• Borrowing capacity and ratings
• Liquidity management techniques
• Cash cascade and dividend policy
• Inventory management

• Accounts receivable management
• Management of working capital

• @Risk Workshop

Module price: US$5.500

* The module can be purchased individually.

* Each module can be taken independently.
* Includes tuition, didactic material and certificate of participation. 
* The investment amount does not include taxes or commissions.
* The total cost includes three modules to choose from.

* INCAE reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.
* Your information is confidential.


  • The Program is developed as a combination of: Master sessions to develop conceptual frameworks.
  • Case analysis to illustrate evaluation and decision-making processes.
  • Valuation exercises to apply the concepts and techniques of financial analysis.
  • Simulation workshops to carry out sensitivity analysis and evaluation of exposure and risk management.

Participant profile

It is aimed at financial managers, executives involved in the financial area or, bank executives, stock brokers and investment bankers.

Our teachers

  • Arnold Camacho
    Academic director

    He is a Full Professor at INCAE Business School, in the area of ​​Currency, Banking and Finance, Financial Institutions and Capital Markets, Portfolio Management, Evaluation and Risk Management. He got a Ph.D. in Finance and Development, and an MA in International Economics from Ohio State University, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Costa Rica, with Graduation with Honors.

  • Arnold Camacho
    Academic director


Strengthen their knowledge as well as know the new approaches and tools of financial analysis, risk management, and the evaluation of investment opportunities for the design of financial strategies that make the results not only superior and sustainable, but also the product of the Good practice.


  • It will strengthen the analytical capacity in the management of applied financial models of strategic finance, risk management and the opportunities offered by the capital markets and investment banking.
  • It will develop the skills to provide advice and consulting in the field of capital markets, investment banking and business valuation.
  • You will handle modern techniques and tools for advanced financial analysis and strategic decision making. 
  • Flexibility to complete the full specialization or choose only those modules that best suit your needs or interests.