Customer Analysis and Advanced Analytics


Marketing and sales

Today consumers give priority to the usefulness of a product or service before the prestige of a brand. There is no doubt that customers changed their behaviors and values, their routines and life habits, during and after the pandemic.

This INCAE Business School Certificate Program is designed so that the participant acquires a methodology and practical technological tools for analyzing customer behavior. With this information in hand, executives, professionals and companies will be able to make better decisions and plan marketing strategies just in time.



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Customer Analysis and Advanced Analytics combines theory with applied activities to practice analyzing and interpreting data. In this Certificate Program, participants will work individually and in teams to apply the concepts acquired.

In addition, this program offers globally recognized and locally applicable content, an expertly researched curriculum, and a strong focus on practice. All this, with the guidance of top-level academics.

August 23 to October 17, 2023
Country: ONLINE
Total Price: US $ 1.595

Customer Analysis and Advanced Analytics

Country: ONLINE


  • 0 Week:
    Orientation, knowledge and management of learning tools.
  • 1 Week:
    Introduction to Marketing Analytics, Python and Power BI.
  • 2 Week:
    Data analysis and exploration (Exploratory Data Analysis) with Python and Power BI.
  • 3 Week:
    Customer feedback with Python visualized in Power BI.
  • 4 Week:
    Customer segmentation with Python and visualization in Power BI.
  • 5 Week:
    Construction of recommendation systems in Python and visualization in Power BI.
  • 6 Week:
    Churn modeling (customer churn rate) in Python and visualization in Power BI.
  • 7 Week:
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

All participants who successfully complete the Program receive a Verified Digital Certificate of completion of studies issued by INCAE Business School.


  • Discussions on tools involving marketing, data science and consumer behavior.
  • Case studies where you apply your new knowledge and skills.
  • It uses the Python language and tools like Power BI.

Participant profile

  • Professionals and executives who work in areas related to marketing and behavioral analysis: human resources, marketing, IT, etc.
  • Middle and senior managers who require a broad understanding of customer behavior analysis to apply it
  • in marketing strategies.
  • People interested in using software for analysis and decision making in marketing.
  • Professionals interested in knowing the basics of Machine Learning.

Our teachers

  • Gerzo Gallardo Morales
    Academic director
    • Data Science Institute Latam Co-Founder | Guest Professor Master Business Analytics INCAE
    • Master in Statistical Methods from the Pontifical University, Universidad Católica de Chile. Doctorate studies in Economics and Finance at the University of La Rioja Spain. Diploma in Advanced Financial Analysis and Financial Management from the Pontifica, Catholic University of Chile.
    • Commercial Engineer with a specialization in Marketing, from the Central University of Chile  
  • Gerzo Gallardo Morales
    Academic director


  • Perform data analysis and exploration.
  • Know and analyze the segments associated with customer value.
  • Manage techniques and methods for customer segmentation.
  • Build recommendation systems.
  • Distinguish between customer retention and loyalty.
  • Make churn models.


  • You will be able to perform data analysis and exploration.
  • You will be able to analyze the segments associated with customer value.
  • You will know the techniques and methods for customer segmentation.
  • You can build recommendation systems.
  • You will distinguish between retention and customer loyalty.
  • You will have the elements to make churn models.
  • You will know how to measure the impact of analytics in the relationship with the client.