Double Degree with Masters from INCAE Business School


This Double Degree is available to participants of the MBA Global Perspective of INCAE. INCAE @ YALE will allow the student to apply for the title Yale Master in Advanced Management (MAM) simultaneously with the MBA from INCAE. The MAM degree is obtained only by MBA graduates from the most prestigious universities in the GNAM network (Global Network for Advanced Management). The MAM is a 9-month post-MBA program that allows the student to have contact with some of the best MBA graduates in the world, leaders from different sectors, expand the network of contacts professionals and have access to the extensive resources of the Yale SOM Career Development Office.


This Double Degree is available to participants of the MBA Global Perspective of INCAE. The INCAE @ ST. GALLEN enables students to earn a dual MBA degree from two highly competitive schools: INCAE MBA and University of St. Gallen SIM (Strategy and International Management). The program combines essential management knowledge with outstanding practical skills to prepare students for the world of business. challenging business, at the interface of developed countries and emerging countries.

We offer postgraduate education in international strategy, management and sustainability. INCAE @ St. Gallen provides students with a multidisciplinary perspectiveas well as a comprehensive approach to solving complex management problems.


This Double Degree is available to participants of the MBA Global Perspective of INCAE. For young people who want lead and find solutions in public administration, INCAE offers its dual degree alliance with The Ford School @ Michigan. INCAE @ MICHIGAN Master of Public Affairs (MPA) is a program of great renown given that it is the first program specifically focused on public service within the United States, distinguished by its excellent faculty, extensive research in the social sciences and quantitative analysis of current problems of the world politics. This MBA + MPA program offered by INCAE and the Ford School will give you an multicultural experience by living and studying with students from all over Latin America at INCAE first, and then with more than 110 students worldwide at the University of Michigan.


This Double Degree is available to MBA participants Global Perspective y Latin American Leadership. INCAE @UCSD will allow the student to apply for the title of Master of Advanced Students International Affairs (MAS-IA) from the University of California in San Diego, simultaneously with the MBA from INCAE.

The MAS-IA is a one-year program that offers two specializations in Data Analytics for Policy and Strategy, and in Environmental Policy and Sustainability.

Financial help

The first step to entering the master's degree is selecting the program that best suits your needs and going through the admissions process.

Once the approval of entry to INCAE has been received, there are several financing options, scholarships and others.

INCAE offices in the different Latin American countries provide advice on how to assume the costs of your academic investment.

College life

The INCAE experience is lived in many ways, thanks to the diversity of its master's degree and executive programs offered by the institution. For MBA students, for example, INCAE becomes their second home during the period of residence.

Students who opt for a double degree will then have to switch campuses to where they can further expand their professional and life experience.