Luis Eduardo Lopez | INCAE


He has an important track record and experience as a consultant for companies and organizations in different Latin American countries, especially in Operations Management, Technology and Innovation Management and Strategic Simulation. Participates in Boards of Directors of several companies.

It has publications in various specialized magazines, such as the Journal of International Business Studies, the British Journal of Management, Management Decision, and the Journal of Product Innovation Management, among others. Similarly, it has developed a large number of teaching materials, cases and simulators.


Data message

Full Professor
Country of origin:
Costa Rica
Country of Residence:
Costa Rica
Office Tel .:
+506 2437-2061
Street address: 
INCAE Business School Campus Walter Kissling Gam Del Vivero Procesa # 1, 2 Km. To the West
Postal address: 
INCAE Business School, Campus Walter Kissling Gam, Apartado 960-4050 Alajuela, Costa Rica


  • Ph.D. - Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ing. - Electrical Engineer, University of Costa Rica
  • Ing. - BS Marine Engineering, US Merchant Marine Academy

Teaching areas

  • Operations
  • Technology and Innovation


  • operations management
  • Service Management
  • Dynamic of systems
  • Operations Management 2
  • Strategic Operations


Work experience

He completed his doctoral studies at the Sloan Business School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is a Master in Business Administration (INCAE, graduated with distinction), Electrical Engineer, University of Costa Rica, BS Marine Engineering (US Merchant Marine Academy, graduated with distinction). He is a full professor at INCAE in the area of ​​Operations Management, Technology and Systems Dynamics. He has taught in INCAE master's courses, both in residential and Executive programs, and in INCAE executive seminars in different countries. He has several years of experience as a business consultant in several Latin American countries, especially in Operations Strategy, Supply Chain Management and Strategic Simulation. It uses simulation models for the planning of strategic scenarios and the analysis of complex situations. He has developed simulation models to evaluate capacity requirements in processing plants, to evaluate behaviors of multi-store and multi-product distribution chains in various industries, and to estimate behaviors in hospital care networks, to determine the impact of contracting modalities in logistics processes , to study supply chains in service operations and to explore the dynamics of judicial supply chains. He has done work related to the interaction between traditional strategic planning and the determination of requirements and resource needs over time. He has recently explored possible uses of simulation in environments that combine continuous flows with discrete flows in the production, transportation, and storage of goods.