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Senior Researcher and Director of IPS Projects of the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS) of INCAE Business School, and expert in methodology of The Social Progress Imperative, where he participates in the design and implementation of sub-national projects of the Social Progress Network. Teacher in the methodological trainings for the measurement of Social Progress carried out at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), INCAE and the conference What Works in Social Progress 2017 in Iceland. Economist from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), with two master's degrees from the London School of Economics (LSE), in Social Policy, and Population and Development.  

He has worked in the Mexican Ministry of Finance, central banking, academia and the financial sector. I have recently developed projects for civil society applying digital data sources and tools in order to incorporate into traditional economic and social analysis the new technologies that are currently redefining the individual, society, government and markets. He has published different documents on human development and migration, institutional transparency, open data and governance; In addition to participating as an economic analyst in different media in the region, in events and conferences such as TEDx Pura Vida 2016, TEDx INTEL 2016, and TEDx INCAE 2017. He is currently designing collaboratively, together with experts in innovation and Costa Rican social enterprises , an innovation platform for the Costa Rican social entrepreneurship ecosystem using the Social Progress Index as an instrument for diagnosis and social impact; in order to encourage disruptive interventions with sustainable business models to generate inclusive growth in the most lagging regions of the country.


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Country of origin:
Country of Residence:
Costa Rica


  • MSc. Social Policy Research, The London School of Economics. 2010
  • MSc. Population and Development, The London School of Economics. 2009
  • Graduate, Economics, Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico. 2005

Work experience

Place of work: The Social Progress Imperative
From: 2014 To: 2015
Position: Senior Methodologist
Description: Design and development of Social Progress initiatives at the sub-national level; mainly in Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador and Panama, in Latin America; and the states of Michigan and Massachusetts in the United States. Development of technical and methodological workshops on the Social Progress model. Collaborate in the development of the methodology for measuring Social Progress at the municipal, city, community and household level. He participated in the global launches of the Social Progress Index 2014 and 2015, at the Skoll World Forum and at the Atlantic Council 2015. 

Place of work: ETHOS / USAID
From: 2012 To: 2013
Position: Researcher 
Description: Quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate the impact of tax incentives on the country's productivity and competitiveness. The proposed methodology consisted of an impact evaluation, using a Propensity Matching Score model, a cost-benefit analysis; and a qualitative analysis. The data used for the evaluations came from a nationwide business survey, which I helped develop and process. Participate in the design of the communication strategies of the project, through online visualizations, interactive maps and dissemination on social networks. 

Place of work: CREA Mas
From: 2011 To: 2012
Position: Consultant
Description: Design of statistical indicators and econometric techniques to evaluate social interventions. In addition to developing interactive maps at the local level for the organization and administration of the interventions, according to the social and economic characteristics of its beneficiaries, in order to evaluate and measure the operational strategies of the NGO. 

Place of work: Ministry of Finance and Credit
From: 2007 To: 2009
Position: Deputy Director of Projects of the Investment Unit
Description: Investigate and propose new evaluation methodologies for investment projects. Coordinate the link between the entities and the Unit to guarantee the methodological compliance of the cost-benefit evaluations according to current regulations. Evaluate and sanction more than 200 infrastructure projects of various branches, such as hospitals, clinics, roads, schools, nature reserves, conservation areas, satellite infrastructure, military equipment, oil installations, among others; with an approximate value of 10,000 billion dollars. I participated in the consolidation and compilation of Volume VII of the Expenditure Budget of the Federation during two budget cycles. 

Place of work: Banco de México
From: 2006 To: 2007
Position: Economist
Description: Manage and update the labor market and productivity databases on the bank's website. Conduct literature reviews to propose quantitative methodologies to improve the country's productivity measurements. And in addition, he was in charge of the situation reports for the Bank's Governing Board, specifically on issues related to the dynamics of inflation, productivity and the labor market.