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Gabriel is a business director with experience in multinational environments, having worked in a number of industries, with special emphasis on the technology and education sector, he has been responsible for the delivery of more than 200 business transformation projects in countries around the world.

Throughout his career, he has accumulated more than 26 years of experience in global and regional management positions of recognized transnational companies, among which Emerson, Ericsson, GBM, BMC Software and Unisys stand out. Since 2000 he has participated as a teacher, researcher and coordinator of university careers in prestigious universities in the area of ​​strategy, projects and information and communication technologies, since 2018 he had the responsibility of designing specialization programs in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity , digital transformation and digital projects for the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, in which he is coordinator, professor, advisor and international researcher in digital strategy and disruptive technologies.

Dr. Silva, who began his career as a systems engineer, has a master's degree in project management from the Universidad Católica Andres Bello (Venezuela), an MBA from INCAE with an emphasis on industry and technology, as a specialization from ULACIT in management of innovation and change, culminating with a doctorate in business management from Tecnológico de Costa Rica, along with a number of international certifications such as PMP, Scrum Master, Cisco, ITIL, among others.

Currently, Dr. Silva is a professor of the Master in Analytics Business at INCAE since 2019, in the area of ​​disruptive technologies and artificial intelligence.


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