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Bernard Kilian is Dean of Faculty and Research at INCAE Business School, where he also teaches courses in the areas of Microeconomics and Operations Management as a full professor. A native of Germany, he earned a doctorate in Environmental Resource Economics and a master's degree in Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis in Economics, both from the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

Prior to joining INCAE, he was in charge of the economic project within a national macro project in Germany called precision agriculture. He also taught graduate-level classes at the University of Hohenheim, and was a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota. He has led numerous market research for sustainable products in international markets.

As an associate professor at INCAE in the master's programs, he has vast experience, backed by several years of professional practice. Professor Kilian teaches courses in the areas of Microeconomics and Operations Management at the Costa Rica campus.


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Full Professor
Country of origin:
Country of Residence:
Costa Rica


  • PhD - In Agricultural Economics, Hohenheim University, Germany

Teaching areas

  • Agribusiness and Food
  • Economy
  • Operations


  • operations management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supervisor Management Consulting Project


Work experience

Full Professor in Operations Management and Microeconomics, INCAE Business School, Walter Kissling Gam Campus, Costa Rica. Start May 2005, Full Time.

Intelligence Center on Sustainable Markets CIMS, Costa Rica. Production and Research Manager. Start May 2003, Full time.

Since May 2005, Part time. Hohenheim University, Department of Agricultural Economics. Project Manager

March 1999 - July 2002 Economic Project part of the National Research and Development Project Administration and Management System for precision in agriculture to increase the efficiency of agricultural activity and promote its compatibility with the environment. Promoted and directed by the German Ministry of Education and Science.

-Responsible for applying methodology and managing the finances of the economic project.

-Consulting farmers to improve the administration of their activities and management of farmer meetings in different regions of Germany.

-Lecturer on the topic of Economic Aspects of Precision in Agriculture before national and international forums. Professor of Pre and Post Graduate Studies


-Courses taught:

Economics Applied to Natural Resources and Operations Research.

Departments of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Policy and Markets.

Research assistant



Analysis of empirical data from Market studies and Linear Programming.


-BASF Ludwigshafen 1998 - 2000 (Contact: Dr Zerulla)

-Economic evaluation of the optimized handling of inputs in the long term. John Deere, Mannheim 2002 (Contact: Dr Neuhaus)

-Consulting in economics in Precision Agriculture. Industrieverband Agrar (VAT), Frankfurt am Main 2001 (Contact: Dr. Prath.)

-Presentations of Administration and Management of Farms and Sustainability. International Experience University of Minnesota

-Department of Applied Economics Exchange Professor November 2000 - April 2001

Concentration: Econometrics -The objective of the visit was to exchange methodological concepts to test improvements in the profitability of precision in agriculture. Timirjasew-Akademie. Moscow, Russia, May 20-28, 2000 Tiblise State University. Tiblise, Georgia,

19 -26 October 2001 TEMPUS Project: Restructuring of the economic program in the universities of the Eastern European countries. Promoted by the European Union. -The purpose of the exchange was to support the Eastern European Universities to develop Economics departments in them, I also offered courses in Natural Resource Economics. Workshops Promoted by the European Union: Joint Action: Policies to Control the Environmental Impacts of Agriculture.

-Representative of Germany and presenter of national reports in the following places: Thessalonica, Greece Workshop on Nutrient Management Legislation in European Countries,

17-19 May 2000 Oslo, Norway Workshop on Mineral Emissions from Agriculture,

January 25-28, 1996 European Commission (EU), Directorate of Agriculture, Brussels, Belgium.

November 25-27, 2001. -Representative of Germany to inform and consult the European Commission on the point of view of Applied Economics about the introduction of Precision in Agriculture in the different countries. INCAE. Alajuela, Costa Rica. Carlson School of Management-INCAE Seminar.

January 7-18, 2001. The seminar covered the following topics: Administration, economy of resources, environment and sustainable development and its administration in Latin America (local cases). Languages: German, English, Spanish and French.