Alvaro Figueredo | INCAE


University professor, researcher and facilitator of innovation processes. He began his professional career in the technology industry, occupying positions as strategic account manager and sales manager for more than 14 years. His experience includes both high-tech start-ups and large corporations such as Microsoft. His career has been characterized by opening a gap with cutting-edge technologies for emerging markets.

During the 90s, when the Internet was still becoming popular in the Central American market, Alvaro helped the business development of a successful start-up pioneer in Internet security services that today is a leader in the region. 

Later, in 2001 his exceptional work performance at Microsoft led him to receive an award from Bill Gates given to the 300 most valuable employees worldwide that year. Recognizing the importance of human interaction in successful business transactions led him to do in 2006 a Master of Science in Organizational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics where he was part of the group of students with the highest performance of the promotion. 2007. His high performance as a researcher led him to win a grant from the British government through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC ) in 2008, to do a PhD in Innovation Management at the University of Cambridge.

His job was to work at the Cambridge Integrated Knowledge Center (CIKC supporting with the commercial strategies to develop the inventions of physicists of the Cavendish Laboratory ( ) and electrical engineers from the Center for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE This helped solidify Alvaro's career as a specialist in emerging markets and technologies. This is because his work focused on the commercialization of flexible, transparent electronic devices made of advanced materials for industries that are still emerging today as the Internet of Things.