Adriana Umaña | INCAE


Financial Administrative Director of CLACDS and the Faculty Research and Development Center.

In charge of the Administration of CLACDS, the Center for Research and Development, the René Morales Chair, the Strachan Chair, the Steve Aronson Chair and the Entrepreneurs Center. She graduated from the University of Costa Rica with a Master's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on International Business, and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Banking and Finance.


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Country of origin:
Costa Rica
Country of Residence:
Costa Rica
Office Tel .:
+506 2437-2192


  • Master in Business Administration with an Emphasis in International Business. Honor Graduation. Costa Rica university. 2000-2002
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Banking and Finance. Hispanic college. 1996-1999

Work experience

Place of work: INCAE Business School
From: September 2007 To: Present
Position: Administrative and Financial Director of the Research and Development Center
Description: Administration of the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS), the Research Center, the Entrepreneurship Center, the Women's Leadership Center, the CALI Program, Research Chairs and support for INCAE Fundraising. 

Place of work: INCAE Business School
From: January 2006 To: September 2007
Position: Administrative and Financial Manager of CLACDS
Description: Preparation of the accounting, financial, budgetary and administrative control of the CLACDS, as well as the events related to the center and support with the Fundraising carried out by the Dean of Innovation, Deputy Director, Associate Professor, Executive Directorate, in order to comply with the policies, objectives and goals established for the Center. Realization of the administrative control of approximately 50 projects with a total annual execution of $ 2,500,000. Carrying out, together with my work team, different successful events with an excellent call at the national, regional and Latin American level. 

Place of work: INCAE Business School
From: 2000 Until: 2006
Position: Administrative and Financial Coordinator of CLACDS
Description: Administration of CLACDS projects for five consecutive years, in the areas of Competitiveness, Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Policies. Control of the execution of projects, ensuring compliance with the commitments made in the agreements and applying INCAE procedures. Realization of narrative and financial reports for the different agreements, in order to comply with the requirement of the contracts with donors to provide periodic information on the projects and keep the Dean of Innovation informed of the financial status of the center. 

Place of work: Geoengineering  
From: June 1998 To: August 2000
Position: Administrative and Financial Manager 
Description: Management administration of the company, as well as its different projects. Preparation, together with a work team, of logical frameworks for the different project tenders to banks, public and foreign companies. Carrying out, together with a work team, different feasibility analyzes of hydroelectric projects.

Place of work: Accounting Consulting
From: 1994 Until: 2003
Position: Private Accountant
Description: Carrying out accounting consultancies for the following companies and individuals:
• Dental Clinic: Sandra Meza Da 'llanéese
• Orthodontic Clinic: Sandra Benavides
• Depósito San Juan SA