With this project, capacities will be strengthened to successfully implement the nationally determined commitments (NDC) assumed by the Latin American countries that are members of EUROCLIMA +. This project covers two main areas:

  • Strengthen the public-private articulation necessary to carry out the necessary transformations. For this, an ArticuLAC community of practice has been created, in which through dialogue activities, exchange of experiences and capacity building, the spaces and mechanisms to articulate and align the climate strategies and actions of both sectors are strengthened, in search of compliance of the goals of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals in the productive apparatus, as well as the strengthening of capacities in the formulation of climate projects with bankable characteristics in different topics.

  • The test of different actions that allow adequate mobilization of the financial resources available for climate action. For this, trainings have been developed aimed mainly at public actors and members of non-governmental organizations to strengthen the capacities to formulate climate projects that meet the expectations of the financial sector. In a complementary manner, specific support is provided to countries (Ecuador and Costa Rica) to support the incorporation of climate change elements in public investment systems.

Partner: EUROCLIMA +