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CLACDS 'knowledge and experience in current affairs in the region have made it a key partner for collaboration. The Center has worked with many international organizations, governments, and private sector entities to promote competitiveness, sustainable development, social progress, and governance in Latin American countries.

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Eg, 10/03/2023
Eg, 10/03/2023

Digital Check

Nicaragua. INCAE Business School, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Fundación País Digital invite you to learn more about Digital Checkup, a tool that will allow MSMEs in Nicaragua to know their level of digital maturity and receive recommendations to move towards a...

Learn Digital

The Learn Digital platform is a tool developed by INCAE Business School, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Digital Country Foundation and aims to promote technology adoption and the development of digital skills in MSMEs in Nicaragua....

Global Competitiveness Report

Global Competitiveness Report 2020

Under the title The Global Competitiveness Report Special Edition 2020: How Countries are Performing On The Road To Recovery, an extraordinary version of the Global Competitiveness Report was published on December 16 in Geneva, Switzerland...