COVID-19, vaccine, christmas and new year

December 14 2020

Mauren esquivel
As of writing this text, the COVID-19 virus has continued its advance in the world, the infections are already more than 70 million and the deceased exceed a million and a half. Some countries in Europe have already suffered a second wave that in some cases has been up to 5 times greater than the first wave in February and ...

Trump was right

November 05 2020

Mauren esquivel
In the midst of the complicated electoral process in the United States, and the division that the numbers show, the main campaign slogan of the ...

The unemployment pandemic

22 of June 2020

Mauren esquivel
Jaime García, CLACDS / INCAE Researcher and Project Director of the Social Progress Index June 22, 2020 The Coronavirus has come ...

The "new normal" of tourism

08 of June 2020

Mauren esquivel
One of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic has been tourism. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimated a fall ...

The new normal

May 15 2020

Mauren esquivel
The strategy followed by our countries has been to “flatten the curve”. That is, decrease the transmission speed of COVID -...

The New Normal I

May 11 2020

Mauren esquivel
In this pandemic, the countries of the region are in the stage of "flattening the curve"; that is, control the spread of the virus and avoid ...