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Management of Hospitals and Health Institutions

Since the beginning of the century, the increase in the age and size of the Latin American population has put pressure on the health systems of the region. To meet the new demand, with better quality standards, hospitals must better manage themselves and use new technological tools. Public sector hospitals must increase productivity, predict demand more accurately, schedule activities better, control inventories to ensure supply, better manage budgets, and improve the processes by which patients are served. Private sector hospitals must also ensure their profitability, attract more national and international patients, better market their services and manage their relationship with doctors very well.

The CLACDS/INCAE Management of Hospitals and Health Institutions program covers these topics in two face-to-face modules.

INCAE has developed an unrivaled collection of teaching materials on the reality of hospital management in Latin America. INCAE's program is unmatched, because participants gain a very practical perspective on technical solutions to the most common managerial problems in the region. In addition, they share their views with fellow hospital administrators from at least ten Latin American countries.


  • Develop a broad vision of the current state of the health industry in Latin America
  • Learn inventory management techniques to reduce stockouts and their costs
  • Know the main disruptive technologies in health
  • Learn about advanced cost management techniques in hospitals
  • Understand the application of advanced process flow management techniques and simulation in health institutions
  • Understand the benefits of applying financial techniques in investment decisions in hospitals
  • Understand promotion and marketing techniques in health services
  • Know administrative practices in two of the most advanced hospitals in the region
  • Understand the systemic point of view that a ministry or the president of social security must adopt, to face the problems of a nation and not only respond to requests from a hospital


This program is aimed at directors, managers, doctors, dentists, health professionals and administrators with management responsibilities in public and private health centers that wish to improve the operational efficiency of their services and the Atention to pacients.


Module I

CWKG, INCAE, Costa Rica

From Monday 22 to Friday 26 August, 2022

The environment of Latin American health systems

Differentiation strategies for hospitals

Patient flow and waiting lines

Promotion and marketing for hospitals

Capacity planning

Epidemiological models and epidemic management

The next wave of innovation in health systems

Module II

CWKG, INCAE, Costa Rica

From Monday 17 to Friday 21 October, 2022

Financial strategy in hospitals

Financial reasons in hospitals

Cost management in health institutions

Budgeting in health institutions

Organizational change in health institutions

Electronic file and other disruptive technologies in health


Investment: US $ 5,500 *

* Includes tuition, teaching material, lunches, snacks and certificate of participation. Lodging, breakfast and dinners are paid by the participant; for accommodation options please consult directly with Isabel Solís. In the event that the social distancing protocols established by the authorities of the host country do not allow face-to-face participation on campus on the dates of the program, one or both modules may be taught virtually and a discount will be made for change of modality as appropriate. . Restrictions apply.