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Seven negotiation tricks that still exist

February 08 2019

Enrique Ogliastri
For more than 20 years I have been studying (and teaching) about the art of trading in different countries of the world and thus I have learned some very frequent tricks. Every time I see them I am surprised that there is still someone who uses them, and, worse still, that there is still someone who falls into them: 1. Hierarchical level After ...

Negotiation: Get More

27 July 2018

Enrique Ogliastri
One of the best books on negotiation so far this century (S. Diamond, Getting More: How to achieve your goal in the real ...

Negotiation: Quid Pro Quo (QPQ)

April 04 2017

Enrique Ogliastri
The quid pro quo or exchange of concessions is the essence of the most advanced negotiation techniques: the package or block to create ...