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Identify new business opportunities

11 2016 March

Ericka Moreira Hidalgo
One of the most important questions I asked myself when looking for an internship was what kind of experience do I want to add to my resume that is relevant to what I want to do after Incae? One of the concerns I had when starting my master's degree was that my work experience ...

The value of the network

10 2016 March

Juan Carlos Vivas Medrano
Personally, I wanted to know the expansion of the Panama Canal and learn about how the operation was managed, so I contacted an ex ...

Work hard from day one

10 2016 March

Mauricio Rodriguez Morice
My main objective of the internship was to put into practice what I learned in the first year of the MBA. I felt that the experience at INCAE ...

Sustainable solutions

10 2016 March

Olivia Ferris-Laporte
My main objective with my internship was to work in an organization that serves one of the most important productive sectors in ...