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Deciding to be family

May 29 2017

German Retana
Sometimes I ask groups of executives what makes them proud of their own families. In their responses, the following qualities stand out, among others: love, respect, compassion, union, mutual support, brotherhood, joy, generosity and tolerance. Next, I ask them ...

What if the sea was higher?

21 October 2016

German Retana
Let's imagine that the sea level was, for a few moments, higher than that of the rivers that feed it. This would be devastating in the areas ...

Of vulnerability ... strength

12 2016 September

German Retana
When the team leader or one of its members accepts - whether he expresses it or not - that he was wrong and then rectifies, the award for his bravery and his ...

I don't work, I have fun!

07 July 2016

German Retana
Paradoxically, good humor is a very serious matter. Their presence in companies is a symptom of a favorable work environment. Have a...