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From traditional leadership to "techno-leadership"

May 14 2019

INCAE Executive Education
“If someone offers you an incredible opportunity, but you're not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it, ”said Richard Branson, director of the Virgin Group. "The most important successes are achieved when there is the possibility of failure," said Mark ...

Boss: Teach me how to win!

November 03 2017

Executive Education INCAE
In sports and in business, what team members appreciate most is that their directors take them to the top, to achieve the ...


24 October 2017

Angel Castiñeira
There is a simple way to understand why the leadership role is so important, which is to evaluate the consequences derived from ...

I don't work, I have fun!

01 2017 September

Executive Education INCAE
Paradoxically, good humor is a very serious matter. Their presence in companies is a symptom of a favorable work environment. Have a...