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Leadership: Self-flagellation forbidden!

April 05 2018

German Retana
What energizes you the most: using your strengths or correcting your weaknesses to achieve your goals? If you analyze the reasons for his greatest successes, you will realize that they were due more to the fact that he resorted to what he knows how to do very well, to what is a seal that distinguishes him with high marks, with ...

Deciding to be family

May 29 2017

German Retana
Sometimes I ask groups of executives what makes them proud of their own families. In their responses, they stand out, ...

What is your quality level?

10 July 2015

German Retana
The quality of the goods and services that you can buy depends on the amount of money you have or want to invest. For example, there are ...

Flies versus planes

December 02 2014

German Retana
"In our company we catch flies, but airplanes escape us." Surely, you have heard that statement many times. The...