Valeria Ochoa: “the goal of being an Incaist would not have been achieved if it were not for the scholarships”

November 28 2023

*After graduating from her master's degree, Valeria fulfilled another of her dreams; work for a technology company with an international focus.

The Luis Poma Forum of INCAE is the setting where hundreds of professionals have seen the completion of their academic goal. One of them is Valeria Ochoa, who heard her name in this venue and very proudly received the title of Master in Analytics, Innovation and Technology (MAIT).

For the third consecutive year, Deloitte, Grupo Promerica and INCAE Business School recognize the Best Central American Companies.

November 17 2023

  • In Guatemala, on November 16, the third edition of Best Central American Companies (MECA) concluded, a program that seeks to empower medium-sized companies in the region and contribute to their transformation, growth and expansion in the national and international market.

This 2023, the global “Best Managed Companies” program celebrates 30 years since its creation in Canada, reaching an expansion to 45 countries, where since 2021 it has had a presence in the region with the objective of leading the way and recognizing the Best Central American Companies.

INCAE Business School celebrates the Graduation of seven of its Master's Programs

November 12 2023

Last Friday, November 10, INCAE Business School had the honor of celebrating the graduation ceremony of seven of its outstanding MBA and Executive Master's programs. The emotional ceremony brought together graduates, family and friends in an event full of joy and academic achievements, at the Walter Kissling Gam campus, in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

On this special occasion, a total of 152 students crossed the threshold into the next chapter of their academic and professional lives. 

Middle Income: It's a trap!

November 06 2023

The region is at a crucial point in its economic development, mired in the so-called "middle-income trap", a state of stagnation where, despite having economic growth, countries are unable to make the leap to a low-income economy. high income due to structural barriers. 

Graciela Rodríguez: “pregnancy was a challenge, but not an impediment to finishing the master's degree”

November 06 2023

*For this professional, one of the pillars that keeps her strong every day is the love for her family.

6 years ago it did not occur to Graciela Rodríguez that she had the ability to study a master's degree at INCAE, but her determination and perseverance changed this reality; She is currently a proud Incaist, an outstanding professional and a mother who works for the well-being of her children.