INCAE reinvents specialized master's degrees in new contemporary challenges and professional growth needs

25 October 2023

  • The new ExMasters system allows for professional development without the need to interrupt job growth or have to leave work.

In order to adapt to current challenges and meet the needs of the region's leaders, INCAE Business School launches the ExMasters, specialized master's degrees in a flexible and modular format.
This system allows executives to advance in their professional career, without stopping working, since the contents are offered in hybrid mode.

INCAE in the TOP 100 of the Financial Times 2023 Executive MBA Ranking

20 October 2023

The Financial Times published the Executive MBA Rankings 2023. and, for the 8th consecutive year, our Executive MBA program has been recognized as one of the top 100 in the world. In addition, it is positioned as the only representative of Latin America on this prestigious list. 

Our position among the top 10 worldwide in international student participation is notable, a reflection of the diverse and inclusive nature of our institution.

Our planet is sick and entrepreneurs could be relevant allies in the search for a cure

09 October 2023

The environmental problems we face today are undeniable and pressing. Climate change, caused mainly by greenhouse gas emissions, has reached alarming levels. There is a 50% chance that the average annual temperature will exceed pre-industrial levels by 1.5°C over the next four years. This figure indicates the point at which the effects of global warming will worsen and is close to the 2°C limit set in the 2015 Paris Agreement [1].

Dr. Samuel Ferreira De Souza: “Studying at INCAE creates the vision of working for a positive transformation in Latin America” 

04 October 2023

  • After his experience at this Business School, Samuel assures that he discovered other areas in his professional life that have driven him to achieve many goals. 

Disciplined, dreamer and enthusiastic, this is how Samuel Ferreira De Souza could be described in three words, a Panamanian who currently resides in India, where he carries out diplomatic work for his country, and ensures that wherever he is in the world He proudly shares that he is an Incaist.