The durability of purpose in a turbulent region

28 2023 September

The news, however unlikely it may seem, is hard and true. They have closed our wonderful Managua campus with world-class facilities in which we train local leaders with a global mentality, to contribute to sustainable development – ​​so needed – in our countries. But they have only closed buildings, they have not cut our wings, they have not extinguished our dreams and our purpose is more valid than ever.

80 Guatemalan businesswomen are benefiting from INCAE's EMPRO program

20 2023 September

Last year, the Center for Inclusive and Sustainable Leadership (CELIS) ​​of INCAE Business School launched the EMPRO program, a revolutionary initiative that was born with the objective of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of Guatemalan women and providing them with the necessary tools to make it a reality.

Essential skills for using generative AI

20 2023 September

No. 23, September-October 2023. 

Based on his research on the psychology of artificial intelligence (AI) and learning, Oguz Acar, professor of marketing and innovation at King's College, London and research affiliate at the Innovation Science Laboratory at Harvard University, has defined 4 skills that , in his opinion, students should learn to use generative AI effectively—published in “Are Your Students Ready for AI?” Below, I share with you these skills and some reflections on them.